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Find a Local Trilland Realty - Real Estate Agent. Ready to sell or buy a home? Work with a local Trilland Realty's real estate agent who can help make your real estate dreams a reality. Search for real estate agent reviews, find a history of agent's real estate transaction activity, and even see what properties the local agent has visted- so you can find the real estate agent that's perfect for you.

Selecting a real estate agent is an important first step when buying or selling a home. Trilland Realty Agents are experienced local experts who are familiar with the market and are prepared to assist with all of your real estate needs. Contact a Trilland Realty Agent today to get started.

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The best opportunities are the ones that are shared at the right time. The best land investments are the ones that are managed by the right people.


A realty company that puts our customers and investors at the forefront for the best opportunities worldwide.


The best boutique realty firm with the most relevant global insights.


Partnering locals so we cut the best investment deals for our global clients. Access to business services and opportunities as part of the owner’s network, with a reliable platform for new entrants.

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Korsal Rathana

Chief Executive Officer

   (855) 77 733 576

   (855) 98 296 168

Long Sahasavat

Real Estate Agent

   (855) 77 227 993

   (855) 086 896 968

Ith Sora

Real Estate Agent

   (855) 61 702 070

   (855) 96 466 6330

Sok Samphors

Finance & Admin Officer

   (855) 92 601 112